About Us

HELIOS STRATEGIA provides services on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) in compliance with safety regulations and ensuring high efficiency of the plant.

HELIOS STRATEGIA was founded in 2011. From the very beginning two phrases became fundamental principles of Hеlios Strategia: “search for possibilities” and “unconventional thinking”. Words “challenge”, “solution” and “responsibility” have come to stay in the Company language.

HELIOS STRATEGIA operates with power and efficiency of the whole team. The Company has necessary knowledge and experience to manage the full range of projects. From the simplest to the most complicated installation of the multistate project.

Our Company is able to adapt to any situations and work both beyond the Polar Circle and under African Sun. Today Hеlios Strategia is expanding constantly, we construct in the most remote places. The Company offers the turnkey approach to projects and construction.

We are in on-going search for improving performance of plants and quality of electric power systems.
With well-formed management and qualified team Hеlios Strategia is steadfast in achieving its goals.

The idea to invest into the company being actively engaged in green technologies came upon the founders as far back as in 2005. “The climate change is real; to preserve the Earth for future generations, today the low-carbon energy solutions must be introduced on a massive scale and that means exactly the use of green technologies”